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Brand-Customer Relationship

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The Brand-Customer Relationship Has Evolved!

Our PICNIC™ Gamified Customer Engagement Hub is Leading the Charge

More About Picnic™

PICNIC™ Gamified Customer Engagement Hub

PUG Interactive’s award-winning Picnic™ Gamified Customer Engagement Hub is the complete platform that instantly turns any CRM, loyalty program, website, or application into a richly interactive user experience:

  • unleashes the full power of engagement and motivation to create communities that are more involved, committed, and loyal

  • scalable and fully configurable cloud-based platform supports all your customer engagement needs

  • enterprise integration with CRM’s and datawarehouses

  • sophisticated questing and purposeful activities such as challenges, prizing, and gameplay mechanics, to social login, sharing, and milestones

  • powerful insight reports to evaluate outcomes and success metrics