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Our story begins

Our humble beginnings started in Vancouver, Canada in 2008 when veteran video game designer Steve Bocska — formerly of Disney, Electronic Arts, Vivendi — founded the company (originally called “Pug Pharm”) to create multiplayer online social video games. But by 2010 we saw a bigger opportunity: to use proven gameplay designs and technologies to solve business problems such as community loyalty, engagement, insights and user activation for big brands. With this vision, we decided to reposition ourselves towards the emerging opportunity of customer engagement and “gamification.”

Picnic™ is born

Shortly after, Steve’s close friend Craig Dixon joined the company as COO bringing his 15 years experience pioneering user engagement platforms. Craig led the creation of our “Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub,” an online software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platform that has since allowed our engagement designers to bring even their most ambitious visions to life. Launching with cutting-edge (at the time) features such as points, badges, leaderboards, virtual goods, interest-based matchmaking, virtual currencies, collection games, and more, Picnic™ has gracefully matured over the years to include an enterprise integration hub to connect to 3rd enterprise data services, back-office administration tool, rich mini-games, APIs, SDKs, user profile services, advanced gamification modules, and specialized front-end web/mobile templates.

Core beliefs

As time went on, we saw greater and greater opportunity for enterprises – big brands and others – to take advantage of the potential arising today for deep community engagement in our “Pokemon Go” world, where young and old users alike are increasingly willing to interact with brands online in fun and interesting new ways. But our “game designer DNA” told us that oversimplified approaches like slapping points-badge-and-leaderboard mechanics around wouldn’t magically resuscitate a disengaged customer. It would take a unique perspective and technologies capable of delivering proven engagement mechanics such as collaboration, competition, customization, and collection.

Success and recognition

Our philosophy and approach evolved, leading to many successful projects, happy customers, industry-leading outcomes, and even some prestigious rewards and recognition. We’ve also been key industry thought-leaders in the digital marketing, loyalty and gamification space, delivering presentations, publishing articles, and sharing our knowledge. We even recently unveiled a new proprietary engagement measurement tool, Steve’s Net Engagement Score (SNES), which is the first reliable means of measuring the “engagement health” of a community.


With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Mexico, our team is bursting with amazing video game and interaction designers, business analysts, and social technological experts. Working with our versatile Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub, we create compelling experiences for the top brands around the world that not only deliver 8x-12x times the demonstrable engagement of more basic community loyalty offerings, but does so in a highly scalable, flexible way with an extremely low cost of operation.

Enough about us.
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Software Developer (Server / Foundation Technologies)

PUG Interactive is the developer of the first online platform that taps the full potential of the intersection of gamification, loyalty, and social networking technologies. Our Picnic™ Customer Engagement Engine is a next-generation online gamification and user engagement platform that connects apps and websites to deep and meaningful activities, games, and applications.

Job Description
The Software Developer (Server/Foundation) will work as part of a small development team, and at time with our customer’s technical teams, in the design, implementation, and support of Picnic™. The developer will be required to use a range of object oriented and functional programming technologies as well as relational and non-relational database systems. Responsibilities include participating in all phases of the development lifecycle from requirements review through to deployment of finished products.


  • 5+ years software engineering experience
  • Relevant university degree
  • 2+ years experience in Functional Programming including having completed projects in a commercial environment, Erlang / OTP strongly preferred
  • Experience using relational and non-relational data stores including PostgreSQL
  • Experience in Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Experience in designing and building highly scalable cloud-deployed, web applications
  • Expert knowledge of Linux administration and Linux-based software development
  • Scripting using Ruby or Python
  • Strong software engineering skills and experience with Agile and TDD
  • Familiarity with web client and mobile application development
  • Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure experience is an asset

Contact careers@puginteractive.com.