Application: Community Engagement

Key Challenges

Whatever the goals or purpose for your community, effective engagement is the key to its success. Done well, it encourages your members to complete desired actions, to contribute over and over, and gives valuable insight into their behaviours. Done poorly, it can lead to backlash, frustration, and even active disengagement.

Meaningful engagement extends beyond points, badges, and economic rewards. It’s affinity with the brand. It’s deeply motivating. It’s entertaining and choice-based. It has consequence. And most importantly, it’s intrinsically rewarding.


Personalized adaptive quests and branded challenges drive participation, allowing you to leverage and extend existing program investment. Recognition, leveling and reward systems keep your salesforce highly motivated and coming back for more. Dynamic personal profiles highlight the salesperson’s history with the company keeping their sentiment and loyalty high. And aggregated user insights paint a clear picture of how the entire sales team is segmented, providing valuable opportunities for resource optimization and goal setting.


One PUG eLearning Customer’s Outcome:

  • 88% of participants learned something new
  • 80% changed their behaviour as a result
  • 75% cross-connected to at least 1 social media channel during program


  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Individualized salesforce development
  • Increased outcomes and desired behaviours
  • Purpose-driven salesforce communities
  • Valuable insights

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