Not convinced that community engagement creates valuable business outcomes?

Brands with social communities are 53% more loyal!

Key Features for Communities

  • Enterprise integration with CRM’s, data warehouses, content management systems, rewards programs, and authentication systems.

  • Segmented campaigns and personalized adaptive quests create intrigue and drive community participation.

  • Recognition, leveling and reward systems keep communities highly motivated, retained, and loyal.

  • Dynamic personal profiles highlight the community history keeping their sentiment and engagement high.

  • Engagement loops based on gameplay models provide dramatics boosts to interactivity and interest.

  • Aggregated community insights paint a clear picture of customer segmentation, providing valuable opportunities for resource optimization and targeting.

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Numbers Matter To Us

  • 66% call-to-action response drives outcomes

  • 78% repeat participation to maximize response

  • 18% deep engagement reduces churn

  • 41% increase in sentiment fosters long-term loyalty

  • 8-12x choice-based actions to reveal deeper community insights

Proven Results

  • Enhanced community onboarding, development, and information consumption

  • Increased outcomes and desired behaviours

  • Improved compliance and response

  • Valuable behaviour insights

  • Improved organizational perception

  • Enhanced processes