VANCOUVER, British Columbia, January 13, 2022 – PUG Interactive, a leader in gamified customer engagement programs for retail, in partnership with global retailer Miniso (Mexico), has launched the innovative 2022 MinisoLove campaign, the newly updated customer engagement mobile application.

MinisoLove dramatically breaks the traditional model of loyalty and engagement. Like most basic programs, MinisoLove allows customers to accumulate points on all their purchases. But it doesn’t stop there, because MinisoLove also allows customers to exchange their loyalty points for play opportunities within a fun, exciting and vibrant engagement platform consisting of mini games, challenges and missions that lets customers earn “Hearts” (MinisoLove ‘s currency) they can exchange for physical prizes, discounts, unique product collections and even experiences.

According to Arturo Tishman, the company’s commercial vice president for Mexico and Latin America, “It’s not just a traditional loyalty program. There are many benefits that drive interaction with all our MinisoLovers. Anyone who wants to use it in a traditional “points program” way can do so by buying and generating points that turn into discounts. But the broader platform provides opportunities to interact, play with us, and complete challenges like go to stores and find codes.”