The complete platform that instantly turns any CRM, loyalty program, website, or application into a richly interactive user experience

PUG Interactive’s Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub is an award-winning platform that unleashes the full power of engagement and motivation to create communities that are more involved, committed, and loyal.

A scalable and fully configurable cloud-based platform, Picnic™ supports all your customer engagement needs, from enterprise integration with CRM’s and datawarehouses, to sophisticated questing and purposeful activities such as challenges, prizing, and gameplay mechanics, to social login, sharing, and milestones, and powerful insight reports to evaluate outcomes and success metrics.

Integration Tools and Support

Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub’s suite of integration services, development kits, administration tools, auditing systems, and design templates makes it quick, easy, and cost-effective to create robust, scalable, and tailored enterprise projects & applications.

​Fully documented API’s and SDK’s ensure quick and simple integration and shortened times to launch, providing your project or campaign with a future-proof and cost-effective platform for many years to come.



Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub includes a robust back-office system that allows easy configuration and operation. Its intuitive and friendly Command Center is easy to configure and a snap to administrate.

Extensive reporting modules create business intelligence reports that uncover the secret world of user engagement psychographics, helping you understand and motivate your communities more effectively to inform your strategic decision-making.