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Webinar: Advanced Engagement Techniques To Get Your Customers Back

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This highly informative 45-minute session will reveal the secret techniques and leading-edge technologies that apply advanced loyalty and gamification to recapture your customers and promote them to higher tiers of participation, engagement, mindshare, responsiveness, and profitability.

The world’s most resilient brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, Nike, Netflix, KPMG, and Sephora all recognize that long-term survival depends on keeping your customers close, active and engaged under even the most challenging circumstances. A tremendous opportunity exists right now for big brands looking to execute strategies that take advantage of multi-channel customer engagement solutions and technologies supported by proven tactics that maintain a strong customer-brand relationship. These advanced methods include advanced customer experience designs and engagement technologies that leverage touchpoints and move customers “up the customer pyramid” towards greater loyalty and profitability.

Young and old customers alike are eager to interact with brands online in fun and interesting new ways — ones that emphasizes online connection, instant feedback loops, and “Pokemon Go” engagement. Oversimplified approaches like badges-and-points mechanics or loyalty programs alone simply can’t magically resuscitate a disengaged customer. But breakthrough results can still be achieved through advanced techniques and readily available customer engagement hub technologies capable of delivering proven engagement mechanics such as customer segmentation, adaptive questing, rich profiling & psycographics, and advanced gamification.

This session will cover all of these topics and present real-world examples of proven solutions and strategies.

For over 20 years, Steve Bocska has been a renowned engagement veteran and entrepreneur with an extensive background in game design on triple-A blockbuster video games for Disney, Electronic Arts, Vivendi, and Sega that have grossed over $650m. He is currently CEO at PUG Interactive, a technology and expert services company specializing in advanced customer engagement and gamification solutions for enterprise.

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